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Veritec Data Solutions provides technology that allows jurisdictions to ensure compliance in real time.
No delays, no deterrents; just data, delivered.

Our technology helps jurisdictions protect consumer rights, prevent fraud, and monitor consumer lending activity.

Versatility is the strength of our real-time technology. Our systems have successfully been implemented by government agencies to regulate short-term “payday” lending, automobile title lending, small consumer loan lending and mortgage lending. By working across multiple industries, we are equipped to analyze, utilize and leverage data to help government agencies better protect the consumers they serve and ensure 100% compliance.

We understand the unique challenges that regulated entities must meet, and we meet those challenges head-on.

Creating and implementing simplified solutions to complex problems is what we do best. Since 2001, we have proven ourselves as a trusted partner for more than a dozen jurisdictions by crafting each custom technology package to serve the client’s needs, often at no cost or without state appropriation. It is our responsibility to help our clients protect their consumers, and we take that responsibility to heart.

  • Transactions are tracked in real-time
  • Works across many lending sectors
  • Run at no cost or without state appropriation
  • More than 12 years in the industry
Veritec Data Solutions streamlines all consumer lending activity into one easy-to-use system.

Veritec Data Solutions streamlines all consumer lending activity into one easy-to-use system.

Our trusted database management system takes the guesswork out of consumer lending by documenting each and every transaction, from the initial date of a loan to the final repayment. This instantaneous accountability across industries and within jurisdictions protects the consumer and ensures full compliance with jurisdictional lending laws. We capture every single transaction from regulated entities at the point of sale, thus significantly reducing the industry burden of compliance and driving down regulatory costs.