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Industry News:

Utahns Favor Limits on Payday Loans

International Jurisdictions looking at U.S. policy as small-dollar credit expands globally.

Why small dollar credit is not underwritten and why policy makers can’t force it.


Industry Reports:

OFT Report 2010

University of Bristol Report

Center for Responsible Credit – Tackling the high cost of credit problem: the importance of real-time regulatory databases

Payday Lending Regulation: Past, Present and Future. SUNY Buffalo Law School, May 2014


Case Studies:

Veritec’s regulatory and compliance model is a versatile asset used by multiple jurisdictions to regulate various industries across the United States.

To learn more about how Veritec has applied regulatory solutions to various jurisdictions, read these examples of our success:

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Anti-Predatory Mortgage Database

Illinois’ Auto-Title Lending Program