Our Clients

Veritec operates programs in more than a dozen states, with more and more jurisdictions following suit in the US and abroad.

  • Washington
    • Client: State of Washington
    • Implementation Date: 2010
    • Type of Project: Washington Small Loan Program
  • North Dakota
    • Client: State of North Dakota
    • Implementation Date: 2007
    • Type of Project: North Dakota Deferred Presentment Program
  • Wisconsin
    • Client: State of Wisconsin
    • Implementation Date: 2011
    • Type of Project: Wisconsin Payday Loan Program
  • Michigan
    • Client: State of Michigan
    • Implementation Date: 2006
    • Type of Project: Michigan Deferred Presentment Program
  • Illinois
    • Client: State of Illinois
    • Implementation Date: 2005
    • Type of Project: Illinois Payday Lending Program
    • Client: State of Illinois
    • Implementation Date: 2006
    • Type of Project: Illinois Anti Predatory Lending Database
    • Client: State of Illinois
    • Implementation Date: 2009
    • Type of Project: Illinois CILA Title Secured Loan Program
  • Indiana
    • Client: State of Indiana
    • Implementation Date: 2005
    • Type of Project: Indiana Small Loan Program
  • Kentucky
    • Client: State of Kentucky
    • Implementation Date: 2010
    • Type of Project: Kentucky Deferred Presentment Program
  • Virginia
    • Client: State of Virginia
    • Implementation Date: 2009
    • Type of Project: Virginia Short-Term Consumer Loan Program
  • Delaware
    • Client: State of Delaware
    • Implementation Date: 2013
    • Type of Project: Delaware Short-Term Consumer Loan Program
  • New Mexico
    • Client: State of New Mexico
    • Implementation Date: 2007
    • Type of Project: New Mexico Short-term Consumer Loan Consumer Reporting Services
  • Oklahoma
    • Client: State of Oklahoma
    • Implementation Date: 2004
    • Type of Project: Oklahoma Deferred Deposit Program
  • South Carolina
    • Client: State of South Carolina
    • Implementation Date: 2010
    • Type of Project: South Carolina Deferred Presentment Program
  • Florida
    • Client: State of Florida
    • Implementation Date: 2002
    • Type of Project: Florida Deferred Presentment Program

Veritec Data Solutions provides support for jurisdictions across North America. We process more than 20 million short-term financial transactions every year in real time, and record and regulate hundreds of thousands of mortgage loan originations per year. Our solutions include:

Alabama Advance-Trak™ Deferred Deposit Database
1.877.ADV.BAMA (1.877.238.2262)
State of Delaware Short-Term Consumer Loan Transaction System
1.855.DEPDL.01 (1.855.337.3501)
State of Florida Deferred Presentment Transaction System
1.877.FLA.DPP1 (1.877.352.3771)
State of Illinois Consumer Reporting Service Database Transaction System for Payday, Installment Payday, CILA Title-Secured, and Small Consumer Loans
1.877.ILPDL.01 (1.877.457.3501)
Indiana Advance-Trak™ Small Loan Database
Commonwealth of Kentucky Deferred Presentment Transaction System
1.877.KY.DPP01 (1.877.593.7701)
State of Michigan Deferred Presentment Transaction System
1.866.MIDPP.01 (1.866.643.7701)
State of New Mexico Payday Loan Transaction System
1.877.NMPDL14 (1.877.667.3514)
State of North Dakota Deferred Presentment Database System
1.877.NDD.PPLN (1.877.633.7756)
State of Oklahoma Deferred Deposit Transaction System
1.877.OK.LOAN1 (1.877.655.6261)
State of South Carolina Deferred Presentment Transaction System
1.888.SC.DPP01 (1.888.723.7701)
Commonwealth of Virginia Payday Lending Database System
1.877.VAPDL.01 (1.877.827.3501)
State of Washington Small Loan Transaction System
1.877.WA.LOAN.9 (1.877.925.6269)
State of Wisconsin Payday Loan Transaction Database System
1.877.WI.DPP01 (1.877.943.7701)